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View our latest initiatives in healing and social justice.  Click each project to learn more.

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10-City Tour

In 2023, we'll be mobilizing our network of healing practitioners, counselors, and community organizers to visit different cities around the U.S., hosting two-day workshops that center Black voices and communities in their unique journey of reclaiming their wellness.


To Heal A People- the Book

To Heal A People, written by RRI founder Hasira Soul Ashemu, is about creating a liberatory framework for personal, communal and universal freedom. In it, we seek to decolonize the self-help, success science, human potential genres, by providing a pragmatic yet culturally inspired and informed approach to manifesting our highest desires.


Family Freedom School

Re-humanizing education through a community sustaining and revitalizing approach- an alternative school providing space for families to develop an ability to identify and call-out the inequities of our existing systems and institutions.

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RRI Publishing

 Supporting Afro-Indigenous authors with digital and print publishing, providing the coaching, resources and financial support needed to write and publish their books..


Community Healing Retreats & Challenges

RRI’s Healing & Restoration Sabbaticals are a powerful form of healing, practice, and exploration. RRI offers Sabbatical programming where afro-indigenous creatives, executives, healers, educators, writers, and leaders can restore their energy and spirit, create space for creative thinking and ideation, and manifest their masterpieces.

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Healer Network

Our Healers Network is a community of healthcare practitioners who provide subsidized access to services that build mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. 

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