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Healing Retreats & Challenges

Change starts with shifting the narrative that rest is earned or deserved. Rest is vital for many aspects of physical and mental health, ranging from immune health to increased concentration and attention. RRI’s Healing & Restoration Sabbaticals are a powerful form of healing, practice, and exploration. RRI offers Sabbatical programming in Costa Rica where afro-indigneous creatives, executives, healers, educators, writers, and leaders can restore their energy and spirit, create space for creative thinking and ideation, and manifest their masterpieces. 

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Our Healing retreats provide participants with an opportunity to detach from their day-to-day patterns and gain either an introduction or deeper dive into healing modalities. RRI provides healing retreats completely free of cost to afro-indigenous community members, inspiring them on their healing journey, and giving them a chance to learn about and sample a variety of healing modalities to incorporate into their practices.

We offer a wide variety of retreats, including some with special themes or affinity spaces.  We partner with a network of holistic health practitioners that lead  yoga, massage therapy, tai chi, acupuncture, reiki, meditation, breath work, African ritual, and energy healing work. These practitioners offer their gifts and services during the retreats, giving participants a chance to sample various practices.


At each retreats, participants are invited to join a 10-week challenge to build healthy habits around the mindset, practices, and behaviors introduced during the retreat. During the 10-week challenge, participants engage in regular virtual programming and become part of a closed community supporting each other in adopting healthy practices. They also receive free access to one-on-one services, group classes, and special pop-up events hosted by our network of holistic health practitioners to provide a wide range of opportunities for community members to stay engaged in their healing journey throughout the 10-week challenges.


Participants continue to come back to RRI healing programs. And, they invite their friends, sharing things like “throughout retreat space, there is an atmosphere of community and support. It is undeniable sacred space.”

90% of participants stick with RRI healing programs and incorporate positive health practices into their daily routine, long-term.


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Black People Breathe 2-Day Retreat
& 90 Day Challenge

April 2022
Black People Breathe's inaugural healing retreat, hosted at Cheyenne Mountain Springs was a momentous occasion.  We welcomed over 100 members to participate in two days of immersive gathering, healing, and communion. 

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The Goddess Pathway 2-Day Retreat
& 90 Day Challenge

June 2022
Created specifically for Afro-Indigenous womxn, this series focused on 'healing the mother within', honoring the Divine Feminine wisdom that lives within all of us.

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To Heal a Black Man- 90 Day Challenge

August - October 2022
Created specifically for the Black men of our community, this challenge invited us to find the sovereign warriors within through challenges designed to strengthen Mind, Body and Soul.

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Black Teachers Heal

September 2022 - Ongoing
Black Teachers Heal invites educators from the Afro-Indigenous community to experience To Heal A People's model of culturally-authentic and trauma-informed approach to healing.


Heal the Healers

December 2022
To Heal A People invited a number of our network healers to attend a group retreat and workshop in Costa Rica, centered around 'Healing the Healers' and sharing thought leadership in the space of Afro-Indigenous health and wellness

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