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RRI Publishing


Righteous Rage is pleased to celebrate the launch of our latest division: RRI Publishing.  RRI Publishing supports authors with digital and print publishing, and incubates afro-indigenous authors dedicated to advancing healing justice and community building.

The challenge that marginalized writers face is that the book industry tends to buy and promote what’s familiar, what’s popular, what they know will sell.

It’s often an unconscious form of exclusion, which can make it terribly difficult to combat.”

-Diana Abu-Jaber, author


RRI believes that everyone has the right to be heard; as a publishing company we work with afro-indigenous authors that are advancing healing justice and community building, to enable and amplify their voices in print.

Aspiring writers participate in our healing challenges and trainings, building the mindset and practices needed to spur creativity, determination, and execution.   We provide sabbaticals and writers' retreats in US and Costa Rica, as part of the resources that are available to our community.


RRI (501c3) is tilling the soil by investing in aspiring, first-time afro-indigenous writers, by providing the coaching, resources and financial support needed to write and publish their books..


THA book
Copy of To Heal a People - Book Presale H Soul (1).png


By Hasira Soul Ashemu

The deep cultural wealth and wisdom within Afro-Indigenous culture dates back thousands of years and provides us the frameworks and guidance needed today To Heal a People. However, the ongoing brutality, trauma, cultural theft and erasure has created long-lasting harm over our generations and thus impacting us individually and collectively today. There has still never been a moment in our history where the trauma of these individual and collective wounds have been systemically and/or methodically addressed, repaired and transmuted so we can effectively move forward as a whole and healed people.


To Heal A People is most importantly about creating a liberatory framework for personal, communal and universal freedom. In it, we seek to decolonize the self-help, success science, human potential genres, by providing a pragmatic yet culturally inspired and informed approach to manifesting our highest desires.



By Jahsasamut Apuatu

"Out of the Mud” is a poignant and deeply moving memoir by Jahsasamut, recounting her harrowing journey from being born to an imprisoned mother accused of murder, through an abusive foster system, to her ultimate emergence as resolute and tenacious. "Out of the Mud” is not just a story of personal endurance but an inspiration for those seeking to transcend their past and forge a path of healing. Her writing, while achingly poignant, is a clarion call to all who have suffered, reminding them that they are not defined by their traumas but by how they emerge from them,  more whole than they ever believed possible. Jahsasamut is unflinchingly open in her vulnerability, which imbues her narrative with a sense of raw authenticity that is both haunting and inspiring.

Jahsasamut offers eighteen sacred lessons rooted in her own trials, providing a lifeline for readers grappling with their own hardships. Her story serves not only as a personal testament to survival but also as a beacon of hope for others,  illustrating the transformative power of resilience in the face of adversity.

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