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To Heal A People' is taking community healing on the road.  Hot off the success of our 'Black People Breathe' retreat series, we're inviting Afro-Indigenous Americans from all over the country to experience this powerful, community-led approach to health, healing, and cultural wealth.


In 2023, we'll be mobilizing our network of healing practitioners, counsellors, and community organizers  

to visit different cities around the U.S. We are hosting two-day workshops that center afro-indigneous voices and communities in their unique journey of reclaiming their ancestral practices for health and wellness.

RRI'S Model for Healing

In 2022, RRI raised $1M in philanthropic funding to launch the 'Black People Breathe' retreat series in Denver, CO.  Through our model of in-person and virtual programming, To Heal A People built a community of healers and participants dedicated to reclaiming afro-indigenous health and wellness practices:

  • 300 Participants over six healing retreats, circles, and challenges

  • 140 Participants completed at least one 90 Day Challenge, designed to integrate participants toward long-term lifestyle change though sustained community support.


  • 30+ health practitioners, provide subsidized access to Herbalism, Acupuncture, Psychotherapy, Qigong, Traditional Wisdom from Elders, Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Registered Massage Therapy, Sound Healing, and more throughout the retreats and challenges


Where We're Headed

RRI will select ten cities across the U.S. to bring our model and network:

  • Introduce our 2-day Retreat model

  • Include healers from existing network and new healers local to each city

  • Work with local organizers to tap into resident Afro-Indigenous communities and healers

Our first five cities have been selected:

  1. Atlanta, Georgia (May)

  2. Washington, D.C. (June)

  3. Baltimore, Maryland (June)

  4. Chicago, Illinois (July)

  5. Los Angeles, California (September)

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Get Involved

We are currently seeking partnerships with organizations who center principles of anti-racism, equity, justice, and community power, and can help us bring our 10-city tour to life.


Our top partnership priorities include:


  • Grant/ sponsorship funding for 2-day conferences in target markets

  • In-kind venue space in target markets

Is your organization ready to join us?  Contact us to inquire or get involved.

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